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     Wallcoverings are back and natural wallcoverings like grasscloth, hemp, burlap, silk, raffia and even metallic linens and paperweaves are dominating the high-end wallcovering market.

There's just one problem: Learning the specialized techniques to install them is difficult or next-to-impossible since there are no wallpaper schools anymore. Learning by trial and error is a very costly proposition with some of these materials costing in the thousands of dollars for a single residential room.

With this new video course, Jim Parodi opens the vault of every hanging technique he has amassed over the past three decades as a paperhanger and shares with you, how to navigate the world of the expensive high end. The course is geared toward those who have installed wallaper before but may be intimidated by these delicate products that are different from mass market papers. Jim has test hung and consulted on many products before they come to market and has "made your mistakes for you in advance" so you don't have to find out the common mistakes the hard way.

Photo of Jim Parodi- Producer of vocational and instructional videos to learn how to install commercial wallcovering    Jim Parodi is a second generation paperhanger who has been installing wallcoverings professionally since 1977.
  From 2000 to 2010 his column parodi on paperhanging appeared in the pages of Painting & Wallcovering Contractor Magazine.

    Over the last two decades the three major paperhanging schools in the USA have closed up--The American School of Paperhanging Arts in Georgia, The Paperhanging Institute in NJ, and the Vermont School of Paperhanging. Jim has been working on his series of instructional videos to fill this void in vocational education in the USA and Canada.

    Before this specialty course, Jim came out with a 4 DVD Set video course on How To Install Commercial Wallcovering--a course that will appeal to anyone who has wanted to try their hand in that area but were afraid they just didn't have enough knowledge or skill to start. (For those who are complete novices at wallpapering but want to know everything about it-- from residential mass market materials to advanced install techniques and tools-- check out the new for 2016, 6 Disc Set Wallpapering Essentials.)

Hold your mouse over disc chapters below for expanded course descriptions. If your brower is set to block pop-ups you may need to "allow blocked content."

Disc One
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Expansion and Contraction
Chapter 3- The Primer Test
Chapter 4-Liner Paper and Seam Tapes
Chapter 5- Pastes
Chapter 6- Back to Basics
Chapter 7- The Set Up
Photo of 3 DVD set to learn how to hang very expensive wallpapers
Disc Two
Chapter 1- Installing White Hemp
Chapter 2- Installing Blackstock Liner
Chapter 3- Metallics
Chapter 4- Lacquered Strie
Chapter 5- Rotary Cutters
Chapter 6- Rolling Seams
Chapter 7- Templating
Chapter 8- Bending with Steam
Chapter 9- Level 9.5 Delicacy


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Disc Three
Chapter 1- Sateen Club
Chapter 2- Solid Color Liner Paper
Chapter 3- Wrapping Archways
Chapter 4- Repairing Defects and Blunders
Chapter 5- Touching Up Colors
Chapter 6-Emergency Surgery over Blankstock
Chapter 7- Linen Shrinkage
Chapter 8- Fabric Protectant
Chapter 9- Rivets
Chapter 10- Parting Shots

You will learn the techniques to
hang Phillip Jeffries:

Manila Hemp
Abaca Silk
Solstice Silk
Faux Bois
Metallic Paperweave
Saint Germain Hemp

Seagrass Grasscloth
Soho Hemp
Trellis Emboidery
Extra Fine Arrowroot
Island Raffia
Max's Metallic Raffia

Glazed Abaca
Juicy Jute Grasscloth
Japanese Silk
Bermuda Hemp
Chain Mail

Amalfi Silk
Leo's Luxe Linen
Star Dust Silk
Lacquered Weave
Lacquered Strie
Woven Bamboo
African Raffia

Metallic Silk
Tussah Silk
Metallic Grasscloth

Apprenez à installer des revêtements muraux fines délicates de Phillip Jeffries
Video Anleitung zur zarten edlen Wandverkleidungen der Phillip Jeffries installieren.
Видео-инструкция по установке нежные тонкие настенные покрытия Филлип Джеффрис.
Instrucción de vídeo sobre cómo instalar delicados finos revestimientos de paredes de Phillip Jeffries.
Video di istruzioni su come installare delicati rivestimenti murali fini di Phillip Jeffries.
تعليم فيديو حول كيفية تثبيت أغطية الجدران غرامة حساسة من فيليب جيفريز